Accidentally Engaged (2016) Lexi Giovagnoli, Brant Daugherty, Lexi Atkins, Randy Wayne Movie Review

Accidentally Engaged (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lexi Giovagnoli in Accidentally Engaged (2016)

Faking it Again

Aspiring, but not very successful, actress Clarissa Byers (Lexi Giovagnoli - A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale) returns home for a friend's wedding, having been fired after spilling coffee on movie star Chas Hunter (Brant Daugherty - Suicide Note). Her return sees her meet up with many old friends including nice guy Graham (Randy Wayne - Killer Collector). But things get messy when her friends see a picture online of Chas Hunter with a mysterious woman which looks like her and rather than setting them straight she decides to tell them that she is in fact dating the one and only Chas Hunter. The news soon gets back to Hollywood and before she knows it Chas shows up in town to play along as in truth he is seeing a married woman who is going through a divorce and the pretend romance will be a good distraction.

"Accidentally Engaged" is one of those made for TV romantic comedies which throws a few characters at us and for those who enjoy made for TV movies will now be able to take a very good guess at how it is likely to play out. As such after a bit of a cringe worthy opening with a group of crew gushing over an actor's six pack the story puts the pieces in to place as Clarissa bumps into Graham who was sweet on her back in high school. Then we get that whole fake relationship storyline as Clarissa and Chas agree to keep the masquerade going about them being together, even going as far as pretending to be engaged. Of course Clarissa and Chas get to know each other on a non false level whilst Graham is a little jealous. It does give "Accidentally Engaged" just a little bit of ambiguity as to how it will end up or at least during the first half.

Brant Daugherty in Accidentally Engaged (2016)

The thing is that "Accidentally Engaged" is just some light weight fun and as such the characters are all incredibly light weight and forgettable. But whilst forgettable the trio of Lexi Giovagnoli, Brant Daugherty and Randy Wayne all play their parts well enough. I wish I could say more but these characters would fit in to so many made for TV romantic comedies that you would struggle to remember them.

What this all boils down to is that "Accidentally Engaged" is just a stereotypical made for TV romantic comedy, some light weight fun for those who don't want anything heavy. But as such it is ordinary, predictable and ultimately forgettable.