A Woman's Rage (2008) (aka: The Love of Her Life) starring Cynthia Preston, Brandy Ledford, Cameron Bancroft, Alex House Movie Review

A Woman's Rage (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Cynthia Preston in A Woman's Rage (2008) (aka: The Love of Her Life)

A Woman Scorned

Allison Hagan (Cynthia Preston - 'Til Lies Do Us Part) loved her husband Brian (Cameron Bancroft - Flirting with Forty) but then he left her. Unable to accept that their marriage is over, when Allison spots Brian with Kathryn (Brandy Ledford - Faultline) she becomes convinced that Kathryn stole Brian from her. Plotting her revenge Allison is willing to go to extreme lengths including murder and seduction to try and make Kathryn pay for stealing Brian from her.

Hell hath no fury like a a woman scorned is a frighteningly common theme when it comes to made for TV movies and I need more than both my hands to count the number of movies which I have watched about a jealous woman looking to take revenge when a husband leaves her for a younger woman. For that reason "A Woman's Rage" which is also known as "The Love of Her Life" becomes a tick box movie, as in it ticks the boxes against various must have elements but unfortunately that is all it does. Maybe for those who are introduced to the vengeful woman concept via "A Woman's Rage" will be more impressed than I was as all I got was something I have watched in quite a few other made for TV movies.

Brandy Ledford in A Woman's Rage (2008) (aka: The Love of Her Life)

Now not all TV movies are bad but it is movies such as "A Woman's Rage" which give TV movies a bad name and I am not just on about the fact it uses a familiar concept to other movies. Nope what I am on about is the contrived way in which Allison decides to get her revenge from not only killing one person but two and then trying to seduce Kathryn's teenage son, it is just crazily over the top. But then I suppose with such an over the top storyline you need over the top acting and that is certainly what you get but with the over the topness of it all is reminiscent of 80s soap operas rather than a 21st century movie. It isn't helped by the combination of a constantly prominent soundtrack and the use of narration to give us the evil thoughts and reasoning of Allison which in truth just adds to the list of things which are wrong with this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "A Woman's Rage" is basically a familiar movie with its woman scorned storyline but one wrecked by being over the top causing it to feel forced from beginning to end.