A Very Country Christmas (2017) Greyston Holt, Bea Santos, Greg Vaughan, Raven Stewart, Deana Carter, Thomas Alderson, Allison Hossack, Susie McLean, Ryan LaPlante Movie Review

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Bea Santos and Greyston Holt in A Very Country Christmas (2017)

Another Country Christmas

Jeanette Williams (Bea Santos) is a busy single mum who when she isn't working in a diner is working as an interior designer, specialising in staging homes for owners who are looking to sell. It is why she has no time for celebrity gossip and why when she bumps into Zane Gunther (Greyston Holt - A Puppy For Christmas), as he comes out of the shower, she has no idea that he is a country singing superstar who has gone AWOL as he is growing jaded of life in the spotlight and the constant demand to come up with new hits. That chance encounter leads to them both beginning to wonder whether they are individually ready to try falling in love again, but with Zane's manager trying to find him things could get complicated.

David Essex once sung the lyrics "It was only a winter's tale. Just another winter's tale" and as someone who loves to watch Christmas movies I often feel like singing "It was only a Christmas movie. Just another Christmas movie". That is what I felt like singing as I watched "A Very Country Christmas", a Christmas movie from the UP Network, as the whole story of a jaded celebrity looking to spend some time away from the limelight to collect their thoughts only to end up falling in love, in this case we have the stereotypical single parent, is nothing more than routine. Yes there are some variations to things with character's baggage and connections but the main storyline is routine.

But they say that Christmas is a magical time of the year and despite "A Very Country Christmas" being another Christmas movie which toys with a familiar plot it is still entertaining. Whilst some of that comes from this being set at Christmas and as such we have snow, winter clothes, beautiful houses and plenty of nice Christmas decorations most of what makes it work is the cast. Both Greyston Holt and Bea Santos have both a visual appeal but give their characters a wholesome, good hearted nature which makes them all the more likeable.

What this all boils down to is that "A Very Country Christmas" is another pleasant made for TV Christmas movie which is wholesome entertainment, exactly the sort of thing that fans of made for TV Christmas movies watch them for, but it isn't anything out of the ordinary.

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