A Very Cool Christmas (2004) starring George Hamilton, Brooke Nevin, Donna Mills, Adrienne Carter, Michael Gelbart, Barclay Hope, Ryan McDonell directed by Sam Irvin Movie Review

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Brooke Nevin in A Very Cool Christmas (2004)

Christmas Gets a Clueless Makeover

For all those who have watched some perfectly good made for TV movies and ripped them to shreds for being cheesy and overly sweet I dare you, no I double dare you to watch "A Very Cool Christmas". Trust me if you make it through "A Very Cool Christmas" which can be described as "Clueless" does Christmas you will reconsider your opinion on every other TV Christmas movie you have ever watched and trust me getting through "A Very Cool Christmas" is not an easy task. Now in fairness "A Very Cool Christmas" is supposed to be slightly cheesy, it is one of those spoilt brat teen comedies where a vacuous young girl suddenly realises how selfish she has been, but this goes beyond cheesy to the point of pain, pure pain.

Christmas is coming and spoilt brat Lindsay Dearborn (Brooke Nevin) is already having nightmares about receiving fake designer goods from her parents but that is not her only worry as she is desperate to go skiing with her friend for Christmas but her parents categorically say no. In need of some retail therapy to cure her misery she heads to the mall where she decides to give a mall Santa (George Hamilton - The Hollywood Mom's Mystery) a ribbing but feels guilty afterwards and returns to see if she can help him. She certainly does when she gives him a complete makeover and discovers to her surprise that he is the real Santa.

George Hamilton in A Very Cool Christmas (2004)

So as I said the style of "A Very Cool Christmas" is "Clueless" does Christmas with Brooke Nevin playing the completely shallow Lindsay and looking not to dissimilar to Melissa Joan Hart in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" in fact that is the sort of level this movie is at. As such what is obvious is that as Lindsay helps Santa and hangs out with him she learns some lessons about being selfish as well as to do with her secret love of school hunk Anderson none of which is that entertaining. In fact there is nothing that entertaining at all in "A Very Cool Christmas" with George Hamilton playing Santa one of the cheesiest things I have ever seen, I do hope they paid him well for this nonsense. The closest it gets to amusing is thanks to Hamilton playing the fool as Lindsay gives him a makeover and he tries on different clothes and haircuts.

That is really it and the whole thing is one cheesy experience which despite scraping in just under 90 minutes drags. Maybe for 7 year olds "A Very Cool Christmas" will be amusing with its over the top gags but I even doubt young children will find it that amusing let alone cool.

What this all boils down to is that "A Very Cool Christmas" is a Very uncool Movie and it is a painful experience. The only good thing is after watching this your opinion of other made for TV Christmas movies will change.

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