A Surrogate's Terror (2014) (aka: Sorority Surrogate) Cassie Steele, Mimi Kuzyk, Chris Bruno, Daniel Kelly, Elena Juatco, Matthew Bennett, Siobhan Murphy, Christopher Jacot Movie Review

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Cassie Steele in A Surrogate's Terror (2014) (aka: Sorority Surrogate)

A Soapy Surrogate

Unlike her sorority sisters, Valerie (Cassie Steele - Twist of Fate) isn't in to partying but works hard at her studies. Unfortunately her hard work may come to nothing as her financial aid has been discontinued leaving her needing someway of paying for it. When a friend mentions there is good money in egg donation and surrogacy Valerie sees it as a way too solve all her problems. It leads to her becoming a surrogate for Sara (Siobhan Murphy) and Jameson Darlington (Christopher Jacot - A Killer Upstairs) who have found out that they can't have children, something which frustrates Jameson's mother, Maureen (Mimi Kuzyk - The Deadly Look of Love), who attempts to buy Sara off and have her leave her son. It leads to tensions between Jameson and his mother with her younger husband, Charlie (Chris Bruno), coming up with a plan to remove the issue by arranging for Sara to have a fatal car accident, except Jameson also dies in the crash. With Sara and Jameson dead the baby which Valerie is still carrying should go to Sara's sister but there is no way Maureen is going to let her grandchild go to someone else and starts to manipulate the situation.

As you can imagine there is more to "A Surrogate's Terror", or "Sorority Surrogate" as it is also known, as we have all these story elements to tie up. What will happen to Valerie and the baby, will Maureen get her way, what will happen to Charlie and the man he paid to arrange for the car accident, plus of course will Valerie's tuition fees get paid in time. More importantly why didn't Valerie just get a normal job and pay for her tuition fees that way rather than carrying a baby for 9 months especially when she is meant to be the smart one who prefers to study rather than going drinking and having casual sex.

Mimi Kuzyk in A Surrogate's Terror (2014) (aka: Sorority Surrogate)

It is all a bit too ridiculous and you really have to ignore any need you may have for realism and grounded logic to watch from start to finish. Yet in a kind of bad movie way "A Surrogate's Terror" is quite amusing with some real peachy scenes such as Valerie using a law student friend as her legal representative as she signs the surrogacy paperwork. Then there is Charlie who, in a bad soap opera sort of way, is constantly lurking behind doors and listening in to conversations like a bad cliche.

On the subject of bad cliches Mimi Kuzyk's performance as the controlling Maureen reminded me of that in an episode of "Friends" which features Susan Sarandon as an over the top soap opera star as Kuzyk delivers that same over the top, melodramatic performance. But Kuzyk's performance is amusing in that bad, over the top sort of way which in truth is more than I can say about Cassie Steele's performances as Valerie which ends up incredibly ordinary and often consists of looking good and smiling, something which all the younger stars seemed to have been employed to do in this.

What this all boils down to is that "A Surrogate's Terror" in fairness has some nice ideas and it did entertain in a bad movie sort of way. But even then the over the top performances and frequent drop in logic were both annoying.