A Snow Globe Christmas (2013) Alicia Witt, Donald Faison, Christina Milian, Trevor Donovan, Art LaFleur Movie Review

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Alicia Witt in A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

It's a Snow Globe World

Every year Meg (Alicia Witt) has to produce the latest feel good Christmas movie and every year she becomes increasingly frustrated about delivering the lies that dreams can come true which these movies preach. But after trying to smash her snow globe in an act of defiant frustration she ends up taking a knock to the head and when she comes to everything is very different. Meg finds herself in a picturesque Christmas town like the one in her snow globe but she is married to woodsman Ted (Donald Faison) and they have a couple of children whilst her boyfriend in the real world, Eric (Trevor Donovan), is the mayor of the town. Whilst it takes some time Meg grows to love this perfect Christmas town but unfortunately before she does her cynical spirit and real world ideas start to affect the community in this perfect town, destroying the town's spirit in the process.

When it comes to "A Snow Globe Christmas" the biggest surprise for me came before the movie even started as I saw the words "The Asylum presents" appear on the screen. Now for many those words won't mean a thing but for me "The Asylum" are the production company who are often involved with such bad movies as "Sharknado", "Airplane vs. Volcano" and "Barely Legal", they are not who I expect to see involved in Christmas family entertainment.

Donald Faison in A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

But that whole "The Asylum" is not really important and what we get with "A Snow Globe Christmas" is another movie which gives us a type of "What If" storyline as Meg gets to live in a different world where everyone is good hearted and not cynical. As such of course the obvious part of this movie is that Meg has a transformation as she experiences this different world. But then we have a twist on this because Meg's cynicism, her teaching children to want more and so on causes the harmony in this perfect town to become shattered as people start to manipulate others whilst the mayor makes a pass at her. It certainly makes for some fun scenes which will probably amuse younger children more than grown ups.

That in truth is the thing about "A Snow Globe Christmas" as it is a movie which I would say would entertain young teens more than anyone else. But for grown ups what you have is one of the most Christmassy looking movies you will ever come across or at least by that I mean the movie's presentation of Christmas. So if you like scenes of snow adorning a street, hanging on the branches of fir trees, Christmas reefs and ribbon every where then this will visually be wonderful.

What this all boils down to is that for me "A Snow Globe Christmas" was an okay Christmas movie, on par with the majority of Christmas movies which get made each year. But at the same time I would say that it is a more a movie for young teens who will enjoy the less than subtle comedy, story telling and comical characters.

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