A Silver Dollar (1965) Giuliano Gemma, Ida Galli, Pierre Cressoy, Giuseppe Addobbati, Franco Fantasia, Tullio Altamura, Massimo Righi Movie Review

A Silver Dollar (1965)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Giuliano Gemma in A Silver Dollar (1965)

A Debt to Settle

After the civil war, confederate soldier Gary O'Hara (Giuliano Gemma) returns home to his wife Judy (Ida Galli) whilst his brother Phil (Nazzareno Zamperla) heads off in the other direction. But Gary's return home is short as he looks to make his fortune and so heads off in the direction of his brother. On entering one town he finds his presence is not overly welcome having thought for the Confederacy but he finds himself hired by a local businessman, McCoy (Pierre Cressoy) who wants him to get rid of a gunfighter called "Blackie" unaware that "Blackie" is in fact his own brother and they plan to kill him as well. Having miraculously survived being shot, thanks to one silver dollar, he sets out to find out why they wanted Blackie dead and get revenge.

"A Silver Dollar" is a pretty routine spaghetti western with a corrupt businessman who owns a town and everyone in it picking on the wrong guy when he hires Gary. Basically after watching Gary get duped to try and kill his own brother, surviving being shot you know he will seek to get revenge and help the oppressed townsfolk who have to deal with daily suffering. About the only interesting difference to this is that Gary finds himself trying to arrest his own brother.

Now for the most "A Silver Dollar" is both pretty routine and entertaining with some nice action, some decent music and well it is paced nicely which certainly helps to keep this from being boring. But "A Silver Dollar" does have a major issue and that is all the actors in this have a tendency to deliver their dialogue full of pauses, you know, for dramatic..... effect. But it ends up really annoying and at times it really spoils the movie as you end up stopping pay attention to the dialogue and just watching for the action.

What this all boils down to is that "A Silver Dollar" is just a good, middle of the road spaghetti western which if you can look past the pregnant pause filled delivery of dialogue ends up reasonably entertaining, but nothing special.