A Prince for Christmas (2015) (aka: Small Town Prince) Movie Review

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Kirk Barker in A Prince for Christmas (2015) (aka: Small Town Prince)

Another Royal Christmas

In just 7 days Prince Duncan (Kirk Barker), the future king of Balemont, is expected to marry a woman he doesn't love but who has been picked by his parents, Queen Ariana (Kelly LeBrock - Weird Science) and the King (Maxwell Caulfield - I'm Not Ready for Christmas), because she will make a perfect Princess. Unhappy at having an arranged marriage Duncan flees his small European country and heads to America to search out true love. It is there that he meets Emma (Viva Bianca - Love at the Christmas Table) who despite having dreamed of seeing the world now runs the family diner and cares for her younger sister Alice (Brittany Beery), as sadly they lost both of their parents in a car accident, whilst trying to make ends meet which is not easy as they are struggling financially.

It is worth remembering that whilst you could say that when it comes to Christmas movies the Hallmark Channel are the experts there are other TV networks which have their own seasonal offerings. It is why over the years you get those movies which are simply familiar, reworking the same sort of storyline which you will have encountered a few times before and truth be told you will encounter again if you are a fan of made for TV movies let alone Christmas movies. And that brings me to "A Prince for Christmas" another movie which reworks the Prince from Europe masquerading as a normal guy in America and meeting a young woman who inevitably works in the small town diner.

Viva Bianca in A Prince for Christmas (2015) (aka: Small Town Prince)

Now I am not going to try and dress "A Prince for Christmas" up too much because there is no disguising that the basic storyline follows pretty much the same one that other movies have. But as always there are some nice embellishments to the basic storyline such as not only does Emma care for her teenage sister but also due to it being Christmas when her parents died she doesn't really do Christmas. It isn't that any of this is in truth that new but the writers have done a nice job of bringing together the familiar into an entertaining if predictable Christmas movie.

But what the people behind "A Prince for Christmas" have done is to create something which is visually beautiful. From the snow covered streets to the wooden interior of a guest house it is as if the set designers have gone above and beyond to make the best looking made for TV Christmas movie they could knowing full well the storyline is as cliche as they come. But the producers have also done a nice job with the casting with both Kirk Barker and Vivia Bianca having a lot of easy on the eye appeal with Barker doing a nice job of the well spoken young Prince without making him sound too posh. And on top of the appeal of Barker and Bianca there is also Kelly LeBrock and Maxwell Caulfield in amusing supporting roles as the King and Queen.

What this all boils down to is that "A Prince for Christmas" isn't anything new when it comes to the storyline but it does deliver a picture perfect look of a small town at Christmas with plenty of snow and Christmas decorations.

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