A Nanny for Christmas (2010) Movie Review

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Emmanuelle Vaugier in A Nanny for Christmas (2010)

Cheesy Corn for Christmas

Ally Leeds (Emmanuelle Vaugier - It's Christmas, Carol!) had a promising career as an advertising executive, that is until she makes the mistake of including weddings in her pitch to chocolate entrepreneur Danny Donner (Dean Cain - Broadcasting Christmas), as he walks out and she gets fired. In desperate need for a job her friend arranges for Ally to have an interview with Samantha Ryland (Cynthia Gibb - Sharing Christmas), the CEO of a major advertising company. What Ally doesn't realise is that the interview is actually for a job as nanny to Samantha's two well behaved but fun starved children. Despite not her ideal job the pay is good and so Ally takes it but when she meets Justin (Richard Ruccolo - Clara's Deadly Secret), one of Sally's advertising team, she lies and tells him that she is still an advertising exec which in turn leads to confusion and chaos.

The DVD cover for "A Nanny for Christmas" looks like a cute Christmas romantic comedy starring Dean Cain and Emmanuelle Vaugier and it certainly tries to be a cute Christmas comedy, but it isn't. In truth what "A Nanny for Christmas" is is 84 minutes of your life you won't get back unless you take the right decision to switch off as soon as you realise its not going to be the cute Christmas romantic comedy you were expecting. It's not that "A Nanny for Christmas" is terrible, I've seen a lot worse when it comes to Christmas movies, but it is so lacking in romantic spark and Christmas fun that I suspect this was filmed in the summer and everyone struggled with trying to get into the Christmas swing of things.

Dean Cain in A Nanny for Christmas (2010)

In truth I have watched enough Christmas movies to always have an edge of scepticism when I watch a new one but most times what I watch at least manages to hold my interest but "A Nanny for Christmas" struggled to even get my interest let alone keep it. The storyline is so slim that the first 30 minutes which focuses on Ally being a nanny to Samantha's well behaved children feels like it goes on for an eternity as she tries to bring fun into their stagnant lives. Of course this has a purpose because the kids grow fond of her, something which becomes important further on in the movie. but it goes on for so long that it takes an effort not to switch the TV off.

It doesn't get any better when the romance finally shows its head as we have Ally dating Justin with him under the impression she is an advertising consultant and various other lies. It lacks any sign of romantic spark despite throwing in some obvious scenes such as the romantic picking a Christmas tree scene followed by an equally cliche ice skating scene. In fact these scenes and pretty much everything else about "A Nanny for Christmas" is corny and cheesy, it's cheesy corn.

And as for the acting well "A Nanny for Christmas" is one of those movies where the cast appears to have been chosen for their looks more than their acting skills. That doesn't mean the acting is bad, but the characters are thinly written and in some cases are poorly cast because frankly Dean Cain as a tough business man is one of the least convincing things you will ever see and also misleading with him appearing on the DVD cover as he isn't in the movie that much.

What this all boils down to is that "A Nanny for Christmas" is really quite a poor movie and lacks pretty much everything which makes a Christmas movie special. My advice is that unless you are desperate to watch some attractive people in a Christmas movie give it a miss.

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