A Holiday to Remember (1995) Connie Sellecca, Asia Vieira, Brenda Bazinet, Kyle Fairlie, Rue McClanahan Movie Review

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Connie Sellecca in A Holiday to Remember (1995)

Running Home

Some may call it running away from your problems but after a messy divorce, psychiatrist, Caroline Giblin (Connie Sellecca) is heading back to her hometown of Mayville and her late aunt's old home which she has inherited and which is in need of much work. It is a move which her teenage daughter Jordy (Asia Vieira) is not overly happy about as Mayville has no Mall and the house has no cable. For Caroline the return home comes with complications as it puts her back in touch with Clay (Randy Travis) her former fiancé who she left standing at the altar because she felt they bickered too much. And she finds themselves still bickering especially when Caroline discovers a young boy sleeping rough in the basement who she decides she wants to adopt, something which Jordy is not too happy nor Clay.

Christmas is coming I have barely started watching Christmas movies yet and I am already feeling jaded by the experience. That experience is watching another Christmas movie which trades on the same romantic elements that the majority of others do. And the movie in question is "A Holiday to Remember" which sees Connie Sellecca and Randy Travis playing the bickering former lovers who are brought back together and despite the bickering discover that they still have a spark between them even if they antagonize the heck out of each other. It is so typical that whilst Randy's character Clay is in a relationship you know that at some point he will end up kissing Caroline and remembering how much he loves her.

The romantic storyline is not the only one and we also have a couple of children in "A Holiday to Remember" with one being the only slightly temperamental teenager who turns good and then we have the young runaway boy with a plucky attitude who ends up being one of the causes of issues in the re-blooming romance. But all of this is as typical as everything else in the movie and so whilst to a point is enjoyable it only ever feels like a movie you have seen before. Even the performances from Connie Sellecca and Randy Travis feel typical and nothing more.

What this all boils down to is that "A Holiday to Remember" is the sort of Christmas movie which probably is most charming when you are still discovering Christmas movies but suffers from over familiarity for those who each year watch as many Christmas movies as they can.

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