A Deadly Obsession (2012) Katee Sackhoff, Grant Harvey, Bart Johnson, Robyn Lively, Bates Wilder, John Shea, Kevin G. Cox, Michael Cognata Movie Review

A Deadly Obsession (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Katee Sackhoff in A Deadly Obsession (2012)

Psychologists Hostage Horror

As a child Suzanne (Katee Sackhoff - White Noise 2: The Light) witnessed her mother kill her father in cold blood, an event which not only caused Suzanne to have a fascination with the human mind but also caused her to fear that one day she might kill just like her mother did. But her fascination with the mind has lead to a career and she is now a professor at college where she lectures on psychology. But her ability to understand the mind as well as deal with her own past demons come to the fore when a former student, Connor (Grant Harvey - Stalked by My Neighbor), who is obsessed with her, enters the college with a gun and starts shooting. With the police locking the place down and her former marine boyfriend, Logan (Bart Johnson - A Date to Die For), along with the police looking to storm the place, Suzanne must use all her wits to not just survive but save the trapped students.

They say honesty is the best policy and so whilst as a movie reviewer with a penchant for TV movies means I was always going to watch and review "A Deadly Obsession" the fact it also stars Katee Sackhoff was a big attraction. Unfortunately "A Deadly Obsession" is one of those movies which despite having a seemingly interesting premise ends up constantly struggling to get and hold on to the audience's attention.

Grant Harvey in A Deadly Obsession (2012)

Now for me the reason for this is that "A Deadly Obsession" ends up all over the place as we get scenes of Suzanne and those trapped in the building trying to get to safety. You then have Logan and the local police planning to do something on the outside. And then you have flashback scenes of not only Suzanne having one on one meetings with the obsessed student as it becomes clear he is not only obsessed with her but has a troubled background but we also have her own therapy sessions with her boss. It isn't that each part of the movie isn't good it is the fact it ends up all over the place as it skips from one idea to another which makes "A Deadly Obsession" hard to really stay interested in.

I said that each part of "A Deadly Obsession" is good well I mean good only in the sense that this still shares some of the issues you see in many a TV movie. As such we have elements which are too unbelievable, a scene with a heavy soundtrack which feels forced and some acting which leaves a lot too be desired.

What this all boils down to is that "A Deadly Obsession" is another one of those movies which whilst having a decent idea for a story ends up not as good as it could have been. The biggest problem for me is that "A Deadly Obsession" switches between all the elements too often, which makes it one of those movies which struggles to get and hold on to your attention.