A Christmas Wedding (2006) Sarah Paulson, Eric Mabius, Richard Blackburn, Dean Cain, Reagan Pasternak Movie Review

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Sarah Paulson and Eric Mabius in A Christmas Wedding (2006)

Groom for Disaster

It was 2 years ago on Christmas day that Emily (Sarah Paulson) and Ben (Eric Mabius) met at an ice rink and it was a year ago that they got engaged at the same ice rink, agreeing to get married the following Christmas. But having carefully planned things Emily's boss Tucker (Dean Cain) needs her to fly away with him for an important business trip which means she will be back just a few days before the wedding and the laid back Ben will need to complete the final details of the wedding. But when a storm threatens to prevent Emily from getting back home in time she realises when it comes down to it her love for Ben is stronger than her need to succeed in business despite Tucker trying to talk her in to cancelling the wedding.

Straight off let me tell you what you are most likely to remember about "A Christmas Wedding", Eric Mabius. Not only does Mabius not look like his usual self with blonder than usual hair which has a shaggy look to it but he gets to show of his toned arms which are so often hidden beneath smart shirts and suit jackets in more recent movies. Whilst in fairness Mabius along with all the cast deliver solid performances it is his look which surprises you the most.

Sadly that means that when it comes to the story "A Christmas Wedding" is slightly lacking or in truth slightly too routine. As such the majority of the movie delivers a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" style journey home as Emily does what ever it takes to get home and realises how much Ben means to her. At the same time we have Ben being an uncomfortable fish out of water as he has to finalise the wedding with the help of Emily's slightly elitist mother. Oh and just for good measure we have Dean Cain as Emily's slick boss who is anti marriage and anti Christmas. All of it is familiar and whilst entertaining fails to stretch itself to make familiar great or introduce an element of originality to it.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Wedding" whilst an entertaining little Christmas movie fails to be more than the familiar story suggests it will be. And as I said, it is the look of Eric Mabius which is the most memorable part of the movie.

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