A Christmas Kiss II (2014) starring Jonathan Bennett, Lola Glaudini, Maurice Hall, Elisabeth Harnois, Celesta Hodge directed by Kevin Connor Movie Review

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Elisabeth Harnois in A Christmas Kiss II (2014)

Rhm for Another Christmas Kiss

Jenna (Elisabeth Harnois) works hard for her boss Mia (Lola Glaudini) at Trend which she took over with her bother from their parents. Jenna who is a talented designer holds back on her potential to be the best assistant going which is why she ended up standing in for a model in a Christmas spread when she shared a passionate kiss with a stranger in the elevator. The next day Mia is not in a the best of moods as her unreliable, playboy brother Cooper (Adam Mayfield) has shown up and wants to be involved in the business which he part owns and she fears his ability to pick up and dump women, especially models will ruin things. When Jenna discovers her kiss with a stranger turns out to be Cooper she is not interested in going out with him especially due to what Mia said but nothing will stop Cooper from proving himself as he falls for her.

So in the first "A Christmas Kiss" we had Wendy who fell for her boss's, Elizabeth Röhm as Priscilla, boyfriend and Priscilla did not appreciate Wendy as a worker. Well Elizabeth Röhm as Priscilla returns in "A Christmas Kiss II" but this time she is a friend to Jenna and Jenna ends up having to deal with her boss's charming playboy brother rather than a secret crush on her boyfriend. There is still that little bit of under appreciated in there as Jenna wants to be more than an assistant but for all the back stories which also include one surrounding Jenna's father and her stepmother it really comes down to Cooper trying to charm Jenna whilst Jenna has to decide whether to resist or not.

Now it means that "A Christmas Kiss II" is the sort of movie you don't watch wondering how it will end up you watch for the humour, the romantic flirting, the pretty people and of course because there is the small matter of it being a Christmas movie. But this is one of those movies where Christmas provides the pretty, seasonal backdrop, the decorated trees, the mistletoe strung up by a red ribbon and hopefully you get the vibe. But in the most obvious of ways it works and makes for an entertaining romantic comedy for those looking for some easy romantic Christmas fun.

What this all boils down to is that "A Christmas Kiss II" is nothing special and for all sense and purpose is just another romantic comedy set at Christmas. It is easy to watch and simply untaxing but really only for those who enjoy the obviousness of a Christmas TV movie.

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