5ive Girls (2006) starring Ron Perlman, Jennifer Miller, Jordan Madley, Terra Vnesa directed by Warren P. Sonoda Movie Review

5ive Girls (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jennifer Miller in 5ive Girls (2006)

In Need of More Craft

Despite her fervorous protests Alex Garrison (Jennifer Miller) finds herself dumped at the recently re-opened St. Marks School for girls which had been closed for the past five years but now has taken in five girls. The school is run by former student Anna Pearce (Amy Lalonde) who has turned in to a cruel headmistress whilst Father Drake (Ron Pearlman) has been enlisted to teach them. There are restrictions on the girls who alongside Alex consists of Mara (Jordan Madley), Connie (Tasha May), Cecilia (Tara Vnesa) and Leah (Barbara Mamabolo). When they enter an off-limits level they uncover a pentagram and other devil worshiping stuff which leads them in to using their own individual gifts to do battle with not only a demon called Legion but also a legion of demons.

I could start this review by mentioning "The Craft" because even before watching "5ive Girls" you are reminded of it due to these school girls with special powers. But unlike "The Craft" "5ive Girls" fails to spend time establishing the individual characters in this movie and instead tossing you in to this strange school set up which makes it hard to connect to any of them right from the word go. It is the movie's biggest mistake as whilst it does this to create some sense of mystery and intrigue the lack of connection makes you not care what is going on or when something bad happens.

As for what goes on in "5ive Girls" well we have some aspects of "The Craft" but we also evolve and toss in some "The Exorcist" in to the mix for good measure. The thing is because it hasn't bothered to draw you in when stuff starts to happen from one girl seeing a dead person to another being attacked by some sort of spirit it doesn't really scare you. The worst thing is that it does such a poor job of establishing characters that other than Alex who is the central character it is not easy to remember who is who.

What this all boils down to is that "5ive Girls" is a pretty tedious movie which due to some early mistakes it makes it very hard to connect to and that means that it isn't the scary experience it is trying to be. In fact with school girls in short skirts, underwear scenes as well as one getting the ruler across their skirt raised back side it frequently veers towards pure titillation.