Bowen's Killer Case

Andrea Bowen in Who Killed My Husband? (2016) (aka: Under Fire)

Dt. Douglas Howell (Jim Thorburn) having not long been reminded by his wife Sophie (Andrea Bowen) to pop to the bakery to pick up the cake for their daughter Chloe's (Yasmeene Ball) birthday ends up killed in an attempted robbery. It leaves Chloe struggling with not just the loss of her father but also her asthma as well as the fear the same could happen to Sophie as she is also a detective. For Sophie she is desperate to get the all clear to return to active duty and so she finds herself going undercover at a tech firm. But as Sophie works the case she slowly discovers there is a connection to her husband's murder but as she starts to dig deeper she not only ends up in danger but so does Chloe.

Nine years ago if I had watched "Who Killed My Husband?", also known as "under Fire", I am pretty sure that I would have been semi-impressed. But in those nine years I have watched a lot of these made for TV/Lifetime movies and I know all those things which might have semi-impressed me are now just part and parcel of the TV movie genre. As such it should go without saying that whilst those who enjoy the easy to watch nature of made for TV movies might enjoy "Who Killed My Husband?" and its little twists those who prefer there dramas with greater realism and grit will possibly find this too weak.

The thing is that "Who Killed My Husband?" follows the routine that so many of these TV movies follow which sees a woman ending up in danger whilst investigating a case and of course that leads to her family being in danger as well. The difference here is that Sophie finds the case of embezzlement she is working on ends up connecting to her husband's death. Aside from that the only other really entertaining side of this is the TV movie's representation of what a modern high tech company is like, not overly accurate.

What this all boils down to is that "Who Killed My Husband?" is just some typical made for TV daytime mystery fluff which whilst probably going to be cheesy for some delivers the easy to watch entertainment that fans of lifetime movies tend to enjoy.

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