Wandering Eye (2011)

Wandering Eye (2011)

Wandering Mind

Amanda Righetti in Wandering Eye (2011)

Maren Abbott (Amanda Righetti) maybe smoking hot but her workaholic husband is not interested even when she turns up to his work just wearing sexy lingerie. Deciding to do something about it she joins a web site for husbands and wives looking for extra marital affairs where she connects with Lucas (Frank Chiesurin). But someone is using the web site to murder those who meet up for adulterous affairs and whilst Maren can't go through with cheating on her husband finds herself being targeted by a killer with unfinished business.

"Wandering Eye" is pretty much what you expect from a made for TV thriller, a reasonable idea which needed to be fleshed out and is spoilt by a reveal which is plucked out of thin air. What that means it that we have this idea of a killer going after unfaithful husbands and wives which in itself isn't new whilst the tie in to a website where married couples arrange meetings with like minded bored spouses is semi clever. But then there is a lack of detail to it, we witness a murder and the cops investigate but nothing seems to piece together till suddenly a splurge of revelations, the cops come up with a MO for why the killer is targeting these adulterous couples. And as such "Wandering Eye" is another TV movie which ends up weak because of the liberties it takes in bringing closure.

Amanda Righetti in Wandering Eye (2011)

In fairness "Wandering Eye" starts quite well as the situation is established that Maren is struggling to deal with a sexless marriage because her husband is working all the time. When she walks into his office at the hospital with just a coat over sexy underwear it is an eye catcher. And then we get into the whole story of Maren deciding to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction by joining the anonymous Wandering Eye website, although I do wonder if such a website would be as profitable as it is made out to be in the movie.

At the same time as this we have the killings, as cops investigate the murder of an adulterous couple and whilst initially suspicious of a husband they find a link back to the Wandering Eye website. Now these killings are pretty effective as whoever is behind the murder gets their victims post sex or at least tries to, so people get to die with a smile on their face.

But here is the problem because whilst the set up is good what follows is ordinary and very typical of TV movies. So for a while the police seem to be getting nowhere until they discover the link with the adultery web site and we learn who ever it is behind the killers has hacked the server and monitored email conversations to find out when and where people meet up. But it comes together far too easily to the point when having struggled to come up with a reason for the killings they pluck one out of thin air. And then that is followed by a corny triple ending, as in one false ending after another none of which are exciting. But the worst thing about all of this is that not once does the story lead us to who the killer is.

Unfortunately "Wandering Eye" is not helped by some ultimately dull characters. So Amanda Righetti is super sexy a Maren and when she reveals that all she is wearing is underwear you have to question how any man can resist, but then that is all there is to her character. And ironically Maren is the main character which means Amanda Righetti and Allen Altman who plays the main detective are incredibly boring.

What this all boils down to is that "Wandering Eye" is pretty much everything you expect from a made for TV thriller. It has a reasonable idea which suffers from not being fleshed out enough and too many contrivances when it comes to the crime being solved.

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