Hallmark Says it with Tulips

Lucas Bryant and Fiona Gubelmann in Tulips in Spring (2016)

Interior designer Rose Newell (Fiona Gubelmann) has finally got her shot at a big design project when she receives a call from her mum, her dad's injured himself when he fell from the roof at their tulip farm. Despite having not spoken to her dad in years and the design project to oversee Rose returns home to discover that not only is her dad injured but things have changed. For one her dad, Frank (Kevin McNulty), has employed Tom Novak (Lucas Bryant), a flower broker, to help with things and that business is so bad that her parents may have to sell to a rival. Fortunately Tom has arranged for Frank to enter a prize tulip hybrid in a major competition which if he won could save the farm. Meanwhile Rose finds herself falling in love with many aspects of being back home which makes returning to the city a major decision.

New year and those who create Hallmark movies are working their way through that rolodex of story ideas and so with "Tulips in Spring" we have the familiar tale of a young woman returning home to an estranged father who is not well only to discover that the family business is also struggling. As such whilst we have the different set up of a tulip farm it is only a thin veil and beneath it we have the usual cliches of an ill father, tension between father and daughter, a struggling business, the career focused boyfriend in the city and of course the handsome local who Rose doesn't get off to the best of starts with. Yes, pretty much everything in "Tulips in Spring" is typical and the few things which are different in the storyline are not that big that they throw this out of being another easy to watch Hallmark movie which runs with a formula.

What this then means is that "Tulips in Spring" ends up relying on the cast to gain the interest of Hallmark's regular watchers and both Fiona Gubelmann and Lucas Bryant have the right look and charisma for this sort of Hallmark movie. But to be honest the chemistry between them didn't really materialise which is why "Tulips in Spring" only ends up an entertaining distraction but not one of those Hallmark movies which make you wan to watch it again.

What this all boils down to is that "Tulips in Spring" ends up an entertaining but generic Hallmark romantic drama which pretty much does what you will have seen in previous Hallmark movies.

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