The Hired Stalker

Victoria Konefal in The Wrong Crush (2017)

It's been two years since Amelia Cross (Victoria Konefal) was involved in a car crash which saw her best friend Joy (Stefanie Rons) killed and whilst Amelia is still going attending counselling she is trying to rebuild her life at high school even if there is still tension between her and her mum Tracy (Lesli Kay) as well as issues with Joy's parents who blame her for the death of their daughter. It was due to her friend's death thanks to her drinking and drug taking which caused Amelia to rebuild her life but it is some thing which she tries not to bring up and it is some thing she has kept hidden from her boyfriend Scott (Pedro Correa). But Amelia finds herself with a new admirer in Jake (Ricardo Hoyos), the question is whether or not Jake is the nice guy he is making himself out to be or is bad news for everyone?

Let me get to the point as whilst "The Wrong Crush" has plenty of back story which involves drinking, drug taking, death and issues between a daughter and mother the whole movie comes down to one question; who is Jake Jarrico? It is obvious that the minute the new kid in school seems to work his way in to Amelia's life, meeting her at school than also at counselling sessions that your suspicions are raised that maybe he isn't the innocent character he is making himself out to be. As such let me say now that when it comes to the revelations which of course appear in the second half of the movie there are some interesting ones which also add in some obsessive elements to the storyline as well as some surprisingly shocking scenes.

But truth be told the storyline to "The Wrong Crush" whilst interesting is not that memorable and it is the acting which ends up being the best thing. Now most of the acting and characters are pretty ordinary but Victoria Konefal as Amelia stands out for the right reasons as she gives the character some attitude but also delivers her part with a great deal of confidence. It makes a pleasant change as whilst some of the writing when it comes to dialogue is weak this isn't the sort of hesitant performance you often come across in these movies. It is the same with Ricardo Hoyos who gives Jake plenty of confidence which in turn makes him dangerous.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Crush" is for the most typical but it has some good twists which keep you on your toes and features a much more confident performance from the lead actress which certainly helps to make it more engaging.

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