Nelson's Nightmare Nanny

The Perfect Nanny (2000)

Andrea McBride (Tracy Nelson) ended up spending a few months in a psychiatric hospital after trying to kill herself but has now been released. But Andrea is obsessed with romance novels and finds herself obsessed with Dr. Robert Lewis (Bruce Boxleitner) who is looking for a nanny to look after his two children. But it seems that Andrea's time in the hospital has not cured her and nothing and no one is going to get in the way of achieving her fantasy of becoming Robert's wife even if that means she has to murder those who could spoil her plans.

I had to smile when I read the title of this movie as "The Perfect Nanny" simply combines two of the themes so often used in "Lifetime Movies". As such what you get in "The Perfect Nanny" is the usual formula of an unstable young woman who becomes obsessed with a man and is so determined to become their wife that she will do all manner of devious and deadly things to get what they want. But where as in other similar movies it has been assistants or students this one brings in the other TV movie cliche of it being an unstable nanny. I wish I could tell you there was more to "The Perfect Nanny" than this but it is simply a formula driven TV movie.

But what "The Perfect Nanny" has is good casting with Bruce Boxleitner playing that handsome father figure with a caring side which makes it believable that he could be an object of someone's affections. And then there is Tracy Nelson who does a nice job of bringing out her character's paranoia and unsettled nature which makes her dangerous whilst a little over the top. As such Nelson makes for an entertaining psycho which is what the movie really calls for.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Nanny" is just your routine delusionally obsessed young woman drama where she is capable of killing to try and get her way. It does mean that it is predictable yet thanks to Nelson as well as Boxleitner it is also entertaining.

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