Hallmark's Bridal Boot Camp

Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith in The Perfect Bride (2017)

Former marriage counsellor Molly White (Pascale Hutton) now runs Bridal Boot Camp, a series of fitness and yoga classes alongside pre-marital counselling for mainly brides but also their grooms in the lead up to their big day. The irony to all this is that having been dumped in the lead up to her own wedding a while back Molly has become a little sceptical when it comes to finding love herself. Things get interesting when Molly meets Nick Dyson (Kavan Smith), a laid back photographer whose bride to be is going through Molly's bridal boot camp but he is having doubts as his other half is way too focused on perfection. It is whilst spending time with Nick, who is taking some photos for the gym where she works, that Molly realises that she needs to forgive herself in order to movie on and find love again.

As Hallmark romantic comedies go "The Perfect Bride" does serve you a bit of a curve ball because we meet Molly who ends up falling for the boyfriend of one of her clients. That is certainly not your routine Hallmark movie set up despite the rest of the movie feeling more traditionally Hallmark. How traditional? Well we have the paradox of a woman who offers advice to brides to be yet has a jaded opinion of love due to a past failure. We also have a nice guy who looks good in a tight top. And of course there has to be some sort of happy ever after ending. But I say again the set up which sees Molly falling for Nick and then finding herself having to work alongside him is certainly different because of the client boyfriend connection.

As such beyond this twist on the usual "The Perfect Bride" is other wise a typical Hallmark movie and that means it is light hearted fun with an easy on the eye cast, lead by Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who have a laid back appeal. But in truth that is all it is and this isn't one of those Hallmark movies which manages to leave a lasting impression as the humour, the romance and the characters are all pretty standard for this type of movie.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Bride" is another pleasant distraction from Hallmark which if you enjoy their easy to watch romantic comedies you will enjoy this as well. But whilst this has the slightly different set up when it comes to who the romance is between there is nothing which makes this really stand out from the crowd.

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