Cheyenne Jackson in The One I Wrote for You (2014)

Ben's Song

Once upon a time Ben Cantor was a talented singer/ song writer with a manager, Mickey. But when he got burned by a record deal he turned his back on his dream of being a musician and became a family man, struggling financially but still happy. That all changes when his daughter enters him in to a reality TV show for songwriters and whilst reluctant to re-enter that world and full of doubts over his abilities he is encouraged by his wife, Alicia, and his former manager. But as Ben passes the first round it becomes clear he has a choice; be true to himself or do what ever it takes to achieve success.

Follow your dreams but at what cost; that my friends has been the theme of many a movie and it is the theme of "The One I Wrote for You" as we have Ben getting a shot at his dream of being a song writer in a dog eat dog world. As such it has to be said that this movie has a very obvious side with Ben whilst getting his second shot at achieving his dream possibly changing himself and not being true to himself to achieve. But whilst it is an obvious side it is still a good side and I am sure many will find this side of the movie being inspirational, I am sure I would have if I hadn't encountered many others which do the same.

Of course there is more to "The One I Wrote for You" than just Ben's journey on this reality TV show there is plenty of other bits. One of those bits is this reality TV show with the makers of this movie doing a nice job of recreating the cheesy nature of these sorts of TV shows where they love an underdog back story and so on. Plus they have introduced a nice line in light humour with both Kevin Pollak and Christopher Lloyd providing just the right amount of banter to keep this bubbling along.

What this all boils down to is that "The One I Wrote for You" is a pleasant little drama with a nice inspirational message and an inoffensive style which makes it fine as a family movie. But it is a movie whose theme about reaching for your dreams and being true to yourself have been told many a times and as such has an obvious side.