Cassie's Date with Destiny

Catherine Bell in The Good Witch's Destiny (2013)

As per usual the permanently perky Cassie (Catherine Bell) goes about life with a smile on her face whilst always seeing the good in people. With her birthday coming up daughter Lori (Hannah Endicott-Douglas) decides to do some investigating as Cassie's aunt shared the same birthday as her and that is not the only similarity. For some reason Cassie, who usually has a gift for knowing exactly what people need, has lost that gift and the advice she is giving turns out to be bad which mirrors what happened to her aunt.

"The Good Witch's Destiny" is the 4th movie in "The Good Witch" series which I have watched and in truth after being a little bored by "The Good Witch's Charm" I was kind of fearful that this movie would do the same. It seems that the team behind these movies realised that things needed a bit of a shake up and so deliver this story where we have the reverse of what usually happens with everything going wrong for Cassie combined with a few subplots from parallels with long departed aunts to a young man's fortunes taking a nose dive. I wouldn't say that it makes "The Good Witch's Destiny" a dark movie but it gives it drama which keeps you involved.

What this also does is give the central characters a fresh element to their character from Cassie struggling with the mystery of things going wrong to her husband Jake being short tempered when it comes to his son planning to elope. This in turn makes it feel like the actors are less on autopilot this time and that helps as well to draw you in but still being familiar and what we want. That means that Catherine Bell is as lovely as ever which is just as important as having a new aspect to her character as she is puzzled by things not going as she expects.

What this all boils down to is that "The Good Witch's Destiny" is a good entry in "The Good Witch" franchise with much more drama in this episode to break up all the perkiness which dominated the earlier movies.

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