The Good Mistress (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Annie Heise in The Good Mistress (2014)

Another Mistress, Another Murder

Following a drink driving incident when she hit and injured a cyclist, Sandy (Annie Heise) tries to make a fresh start and moves to a new town where her old high school friend Karen (Kendra Anderson) offers her a job as an assistant. And all seems good especially when she meets David (Antonio Cupo) who quickly charms her and seems the perfect guy. Unfortunately he happens to be not only married but also Karen's husband which makes things incredibly awkward for Sandy. But things become even more complicated when she realises that a woman David had been having an affair with before her was murdered and she is convinced he is responsible for the crime.

Anyone got any spare fingers and thumbs for me as I have run out of my own whilst trying to count how many other movies I have watched which used the same idea as the one in "The Good Mistress". That idea is the basic element of Sandy falling for a married man who she then comes to suspect is involved in a recent case of a missing/ murdered person making her question whether she will be next. Now I won't tell you exactly what happens but will say that "The Good Mistress" is one of those movies which leads you down a certain path when it comes to who they want you to think is a dangerous individual but of course you never know, maybe there is a twist!

Antonio Cupo in The Good Mistress (2014)

Aside from the basic set up we do get some other distractions thrown in to "The Good Mistress". There is the bit about Sandy having a drink driving accident, there is the fact that David is married to her friend and there is also the owner of the apartment block who seems slightly threatening when it comes to Sandy paying her rent. They don't add much but these subplots at least murky the waters a little and make you question whether or not there will be a storyline curve ball thrown at you.

As for the acting in "The Good Mistress" well Annie Heise is likable as Sandy whilst Antonio Cupo delivers plenty of charm as David. But every single character in this movie is written in a generic, made for TV fashion and as such it does two things; firstly it makes them forgettable but secondly it puts a lot of emphasis on an actor's appeal to make the character interesting.

What this all boils down to is that "The Good Mistress" is a straight down the middle made for TV thriller which might entertain those who enjoy the familiar nature of made for TV movies but is likely to bore those who prefer their movie entertainment more big screen.