Son of Trigger

Roy Rogers in The Golden Stallion (1949)

There be trouble down at the Mexico border as someone is using a specially trained palomino mare to smuggle diamonds across hidden in its hooves. When Trigger gets involved with the Palomino leading to one of the smugglers being killed it forces Rob to say he committed the murder so that Trigger is spared being destroyed. It seems the mare and Trigger became very close as Trigger Jr is born and when Roy gets out of jail he plans to use Trigger Jr. to capture the bad guys.

Two things struck me as I watched "The Golden Stallion", the first of which being that this is the first Roy Rogers movie I have seen in colour. Whilst not a bad thing there was something about seeing a Roy Rogers western in colour which didn't quite work for me and truth be told that may be more to the technology of the time and the image quality as to actually seeing Roy, Trigger and Dale in slightly washed out colour.

But the other thing which struck me was the storyline and this is one which is certainly unusual with Roy showing he loves his horse so much that he will go to jail for him. But there is more to that as this western also gives us a Trigger Jr which sounds corny but is in truth a nice touch. In a way whilst the storyline revolves around Roy getting the bad guys Trigger is the star of this western.

What this all boils down to is "The Golden Stallion" is certainly an entertaining and different Roy Rogers western. But for me the fact that this one is in colour actually takes something away from it.

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