The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

A Cheese Were-Rabbit

Say no to carrots, cabbage and cauliflower - Wallace

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

If something's chomping on your prize carrots or sneaking off with mammoth marrows in the middle of the night who you goin' to call? That's right Anti-Pesto, the business run by Wallace and his loyal dog Gromit who through their various inventions humanely catch rabbits. It is how Wallace comes to the attention of Lady Tottington who likes his humane approach but he also comes to the attention of Victor Quartermaine who prefers the use of a doubled barrel shotgun when it comes to dealing with pests. But Wallace's attempt to rehabilitate rabbits of course goes wrong and causes a giant were-rabbit to run riot through the town at night and it is going to take something special from Gromit to save the day.

Funny names, clever lines, amusing jokes and plenty of creativity are all things which come together in "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". From a policeman's head actually being the shape of his helmet to the automatic system used by Wallace and Gromit to wake up when something triggers their rodent alarm it is simply down to all those things and it never grows boring. When Gromit in the van ends up dragged in to a rabbit tunnel it makes you smile, makes you laugh and wonder how in heck they even came up with the idea such as when the van shakes of the soil like a dog who has been in a river.

All of the above makes you appreciate the detail which went in to delivering this stop motion animation as every single scene has something which make you think I wonder how many hours it took to make that. In many ways I am repeating myself but from the amusing way in which Gromit walks to the way the rabbits float around in Wallace's giant vacuum it is captivating.

What this all boils down is that "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is 85 minutes of exceptional creativity and quality as clever visual gags combine with witty lines and fun characters to make a movie which works for all the family.

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