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The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)


You Dirty, No Good Air Breather

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

Dr. William Barton (Jeff Morrow) and Dr. Thomas Morgan (Rex Reason) lead an expedition in to the jungle in search of the creature. The plan is to capture the amphibious monster and mutate it to breathe air. But their experiment backfires when the creature escapes and goes on a killing rampage.

Sliding in to my broken record mode once again I am sure those who watched "The Creature Walks Among Us" and the previous two "Creature" movies back in the 50s were impressed and entertained by it but when watched now for the first time it just doesn't have the same effect. And nope I am not just talking about the effects in this 50s movie compared to more modern ones but the whole movie as it feels like a slim idea drawn out to not such a long 78 minutes with plenty of dialogue heavy scenes which add nothing to the movie.

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

The thing is that in a movie which should thrive on an ominous atmosphere rarely does it draw you in to the supposed sense of danger. For example when they go diving to explore for the Creature and Dr. Barton's wife joins them the whole thing becomes about how Leigh Snowden looks in a swimming costume and there is even a moment where having gone too deep she gets the bends and starts doing underwater ballet which seems just an excuse for more body shots of her.

Of course we have the Creature and the storyline which sees him go on the rampage but the whole aspect of the Creature stalking the expedition and then turning dangerous just doesn't grip you. Maybe it is simply down to the secrets of cinema past being known now so they lack something but it all seems pretty ordinary and not the exciting, dangerous movie it might once have been.

What this all boils down to is that if you grew up on 1950s sci-fi I can understand why you might have fond memories of "The Creature Walks Among Us" and the two earlier movies. But watched for the first time now it simply fails to draw you in to the various dangers and get you excited by the action.


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