A Different Ice-Age

Kevin Zegers in The Colony (2013)

When the new ice-age struck a group of survivors headed deep underground to survive where they not only have to deal with the psychological issues of living underground in a small community but also the danger of a common cold which they must prevent from spreading leading to some tough decisions. This group of people known as Colony 7 are not the only ones but when they stop hearing communications from Colony 5, a group lead by Briggs (Laurence Fishburne) venture out in to the icy wasteland to find out what happened to them. What they discover is a whole new ball game and a new danger which leads them battling for survival.

"The Colony" is one of those movies where a movie fan will find themselves thinking haven't I seen this all before. We have a frozen wasteland, a post apocalyptical event, a small group of people living beneath the ground, as it turns out a danger to their existence and of course the CGI enhanced look which reminds you of "The Day After Tomorrow" but less subtle and more in tune with a late night made for TV movie. Oh it tries, it gives us character conflict and so on but even then there is still a sense of having seen all that in other movies too.

Laurence Fishburne in The Colony (2013)

It sadly means that "The Colony" is one of those movies whilst might start by grabbing your attention it slowly loses you as you become increasingly aware that all you're really going to get is familiarity. Even the presence of some famous faces fails to raise the game with the likes of Kevin Zegers and Laurence Fishburne delivering solid performances but failing to make an impression due to the cardboard cut out nature of their characters.

Look, it sounds like I am on a real downer when it comes to "The Colony" and I am not, it is a solidly made post apocalyptical movie somewhere between a late night TV movie and a big budget movie. And I reckon if I was a 17/18 year old who stumbled across "The Colony" with out having watched many of the other similar movies I might end up being impressed by the look, the situation and so on. But because "The Colony" is nothing more than a variation on a theme it is hard to get excited by it.

What this all boils down to is that whilst solid "The Colony" is just another horror, sci-fi movie which reworks a familiar theme. Depending on how many similar movies you have watched will decide on how impressed and entertained you are by it.

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