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Leah Gibson and Jamie-Lynn Sigler The Christmas Note (2015)

A Christmas Sibling Mystery

Having moved back to the town where she grew up with her young son, Gretchen (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) is worried that she will be able to manage Christmas alone especially as she hasn't found work yet. But Gretchen finds herself having to be the bearer of bad tidings when her neighbour Melissa's (Leah Gibson) estranged mum dies and she has to break the bad news which is a double shock as it turns out her mum had moved to the town secretly some time before she died. But following her death Melissa learns that she has a sibling she never knew about and with Gretchen's help they set about trying to find them, which in turn brings these two lonely women closer together whilst Melissa learns so much about her mum.

I was sitting there watching "The Christmas Note" and suddenly a piece of music appeared, a familiar little piano piece which I recognized and couldn't place it. Thankfully I stumbled across some information as "The Christmas Note" is based upon a book written by Donna VanLiere who also wrote "The Christmas Shoes", "The Christmas Blessing", "The Christmas Hope" and "The Christmas Secret" all of which have been turned in to Christmas movies and I know that piece of music has appeared in at least the first three of them. In fact "The Christmas Note" has a similar tone which delivers elements from friendship and mystery to romance all with a sensitive side but also a touch of comedy. Although I will say this; "The Christmas Note" features the character of Robert Layton who was played by Rob Lowe in "The Christmas Shoes" but here is a minor character played by Lochlyn Munro which technically puts this movie in to the same universe or at least extended universe.

It means very simply is that if you have watched any of those other movies I just mentioned and enjoyed them then I would imagine you will enjoy "The Christmas Note" as well. It is the blend of elements from the touching to the comical which makes the movie rather than the detail. By that there is a scene where it seems like Melissa and Gretchen may have tracked down her sibling but of course anyone who loves movies will know it won't be that obvious for the simple reason the movie is nowhere near over. I suppose in a way I am saying that when it comes to the mystery side "The Christmas Note" doesn't quite get the subtlety right but it doesn't spoil the over all tone of the movie and this is one of those movies where the tone is so critical.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Note" is simply a very sentimental, sweet and touching Christmas movie which whilst delivering aspects typical of many a Christmas movie, such as a touch of humour, it's focus is on this mystery which leads to friendship for two people..

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