Fear the Cheerleader Murderer

The Cheerleader Murders (2016)

When 16 year old Ellie (Samantha Boscarino) was a little younger a group of teenagers died whilst driving, some said it was a curse and when her sister's recently dumped boyfriend murder her dad Ellie believed it was the curse. So after moving town and becoming a cheerleader when her two close friends Dee (Amanda Leighton) and Morgan (Hannah Kasulka) go missing she believes the curse has followed her to their new home. But it doesn't stop her from investigating what is going on as there are some suspicious things going on including ceramic bunnies being left in people's bedrooms whilst rumours surrounding sexting between Morgan and the football coach begin to spread.

I'm wondering whether Matt Young who wrote "The Cheerleader Murders" did so with the intention of making the most contrived and convoluted murder mystery possible because if that is the case he succeeded. Here is a movie which starts with some teens dying in a car crash, then an upset boyfriend going on a gun spree which has nothing to do with the crime in question other than to set up the fact that Ellie believes in a teen curse and is convinced she has brought the curse with her to the new home.

That build up paves away for the disappearance of Dee and Morgan shortly after Ellie had been with them so maybe Ellie is curse. Or perhaps there are a few other characters thrust upon us such school weirdo Ben, or maybe the coach may have done it and then there is Ellie's own boyfriend. Yes this movie certainly wants you to wonder who the sicko is behind these cheerleaders going missing. But fans of TV movies will also be aware of the unwritten rule which when a movie is convoluted and keen to present us with possible killers there is always the likelihood it is someone else which is not focussed upon and for a reason which will only become apparent when someone explains it right at the last.

Now for me "The Cheerleader Murders" is far too convoluted to work as a thriller but I have to give credit where it is due and the actors in this actually manage to make it watchable despite being ridiculous, did I mention that Ellie has visions of her dead dad! Samantha Boscarino manages to make an incredibly ordinary character quite entertaining and even manages to make some poor dialogue sound half decent.

What this all boils down to is that "The Cheerleader Murders" is far fetched even for a TV movie yet somehow whilst the storyline isn't that entertaining it is still kind of watchable.

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