The Carpenter's Miracle (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Cameron Mathison in The Carpenter's Miracle (2013)

Mathison's Working Miracles

Carpenter Josh Camden (Cameron Mathison) did what anyone would have done when he dragged a drowning boy out of the river but it seemed his heroics were in vain as the boy, Luke (Ryan Grantham), is declared dead at the hospital. That is until Josh casually lays his hand on the boy's shoulder and miraculously the child sits up and starts breathing again. It leads to Luke's mother, Sarah (Michelle Harrison) inviting Josh to dinner and the two find themselves becoming close. But Josh also becomes big news as the press jump on the fact this easy going carpenter raised a child from the dead just as Easter was around the corner. Unfortunately the press attention makes Josh's life a nightmare as others think that he can perform miracles.

I think "The Carpenter's Miracle" is maybe the fourth of fifth movie I have watched which use the storyline of an average Joe who somehow performs a miracle and finds his life turned upside down as all the media attention makes people come to him wanting miracles. But whilst "The Carpenter's Miracle" follows the path already worn by other movies it tries to do things a bit different with the drama but also mixed with humour thanks to the way the locals act around him from one guy believing he prayed for his dog whilst another woman believes he cured her arthritis. The end result is pleasant but a bit of an all over the place TV movie which at best makes you smile but doesn't have any lasting impact.

But "The Carpenter's Miracle" has other things going on including some romantic subplots as Josh ends up becoming close to Sarah, the boy's mother. Again this has a humorous streak to it as we have both Josh and Sarah being extremely nervous about dating and being accident prone and so on. The thing is that whilst this is also pleasant it isn't overly memorable or attention grabbing.

What this all boils down to is that "The Carpenter's Miracle" is a pleasant little movie which reworks a storyline already covered in other movies, bringing its own touches of humour and drama to things. But it is mostly routine and whilst there are some funny lines including one where a woman asked Josh if he has had any work done it is pretty forgettable.