The Buckskin Lady (1957)

The Buckskin Lady (1957)

A Butchered Buckskin

The Buckskin Lady (1957)

She maybe a lady but Angela Medley (Patricia Medina) is also a gambler who is currently dealing with the attention of local gunman Slinger (Gerald Mohr) but in truth harbours a torch for Dr. Bruce Merritt (Richard Denning). When Dr. Merritt falls foul of Angela's hustling father she feels like she has a responsibility to get him his money back one way or another. Unfortunately for Angela she not only loses a card game against Slinger but Merritt believes the two are an item.

Oh how I am torn because in my experience westerns with a female lead are vastly out numbered by those which focus on a man and as such when I come across one I want it to grab me with entertaining performances and story. Sadly "The Buckskin Lady" doesn't do it and watching this 66 minute western I get a real sense that originally this story was much bigger but they hacked it down to fit in to a lesser running time and in doing so spoiled what could have been a good movie.

Now the storyline is quite simple as Angela is sweet on Dr. Merritt but Slinger has his hooks into her, as he puts it he has his brand on her, and can't escape him especially as he knows that Angela and the Dr. are pally. Of course this means one thing, or should mean one thing, someone is going to have to deal with Slinger and so will it be Angela or will it be the Dr. who does it to save her. The thing is that there should be more to this but as I said it feels like a bigger story has been hacked down to fit into a shorter length.

What this all boils down to is that "The Buckskin Lady" comes up short of the mark for me and despite some entertaining performances constantly feels like a decent story has been butchered to shorten it to a lesser running time.

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