Brynner's Spaghetti Westworld

Yul Brynner in The Bounty Hunters (1970) (aka: Adios Sabata)

Under the rule of self-proclaimed Emperor of Mexico Maximillian, Mexican revolutionaries and Republican forces are aiming to bring back the former President, Benito Juárez, to power. It is how notorious gunfighter Sabata finds himself hired to steal a wagon full of gold from Maximillian's men. But when Sabata along with his friends Ballantine and Escudo finally get the wagon they discover no gold but plenty of sand. Now Sabata and his men must find who ever stole the gold and stealing it from them to give to the Mexican revolutionaries.

As spaghetti westerns go "The Bounty Hunters", which is also known as "Adios Sabata", is surprisingly not that entertaining and I say surprisingly because this one stars the brilliant Yul Brynner. Maybe I expected more, maybe Yul Brynner was just too big of a star for this spaghetti western but for some reason this movie continually failed to draw me in to the unfolding drama with various crosses and slimy men looking to further their cause.

Truth be told if you watch "The Bounty Hunters" and manage to pay no attention to the storyline then it certainly has plenty of style going on with some typical spaghetti western soundtrack elements and some nice camera work which whilst typical of the genre also has a nice variety of shots so that you are constantly being pulled in and out of what is going on in the scene. Plus there is Yul Brynner who brings plenty of style and charisma to the character of Sabata, making him one of those gun men who as children you wanted to be like.

What this all boils down to is that "The Bounty Hunters" whilst entertaining because of the look and Yul Brynner fails to entertain with a storyline which draws you in. Basically you can finish watching this and whilst remembering Brynner playing a cool character in black you won't remember exactly what goes on.

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