More Crashed than Collided

Robin Dunnein Supercollider (2013)

Victor Susskind (Robin Dunne) lives in small town America with his wife and daughter. But whilst most of the community go about their every day business Victor is one of the men who for the past decade has been part of the Zero Point Collider. But something goes wrong with the collider leading to a catastrophic malfunction. Suddenly Victor finds himself waking in up in another dimension and a very different version of the life he knows. Trying to make sense of things Victor's actions will be crucial in the salvation of mankind.

I want to tell you that the concept of "Supercollider" is good but the science behind it is poor but in truth I don't think the concept is that great either. Science dude working on an American version of the Hadron Collider finds himself in an alternative version of his life, a post apocalyptic version where his life is pretty rubbish, the town he lives is now a dirty ghetto and tornados are an every day occurrence. There are other things including something which happened to his daughter but none of it is that entertaining as we basically watch Victor trying to make sense of what is going on and then trying to find away to rectify it.

The things is that whilst "Supercollider" left me feeling a little deflated it really ticks a lot of boxes that other similar movies ticks. As such we have thinly written characters whose simplicity makes them easy to follow as does the basically written storyline which throws up little in the way of surprises, in fact it throws up more nonsense than surprises. And then there are the special effects which are comparable to anything you will find in a late night made for TV science fiction disaster movie.

What this all boils down to is that that "Supercollider" didn't do it for me and ended up one of those sci-fi disaster movies which ended up a combination of nonsense mixed with special effects.

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