A Slice of Lifetime College Life

Suicide Note (2016)

After comforting her roommate Emma (Kristen Ray) following the latest argument with Adam (Stephen Colletti) her boyfriend, Molly (Kirby Bliss) heads to bed and thinks nothing more of it. But then she is woken with the news that Emma is dead having committed suicide by jumping off the roof top of their college dorm and the police know it is suicide as she left a suicide note. Having once tried to commit suicide herself Molly is not convinced that Emma did take her own life and along with some strange dreams Molly sets about investigating, believing that Adam killed her.

The words most apt to describe "Suicide Note" are "typically lifetime". From the storyline which features a mysterious death to the best friend not only having visions of the dead person but choosing to investigate things themselves it is all extremely typical. And as such there will be those who will find "Suicide Note" hard work because of all those things which TV movies like this get criticized for be it the acting or the lack of subtlety. But there will also be those who enjoy "Suicide Note" because it isn't a taxing movie and the sort of thing you can put on when you are bored and just want something easy to follow.

The thing is that because "Suicide Note" is such a typical lifetime movie there isn't a great deal to say as we have Kirby Bliss trying to play Molly in an earnest fashion thinking that Adam murdered Emma and setting out to prove it but earnest often becomes unsubtle. The whole dream sequence thing which allows Molly to unravel the case is for me a gimmick and people lurk around and act so suspiciously through out the movie that they might as well cover their faces with a cape in a dramatic way as the exit a scene. The worst thing though is that for what ever reason, and I would say it is a combination of things; this fails to really draw you in to the crime, the characters and the solving of it, making it less than memorable and not something you will find yourself wanting to watch again.

What this all boils down to is that "Suicide Note" is just a routine Lifetime murder mystery movie with some pretty young faces and a lot of less than subtle acting and directing. For those wanting just some background noise which won't force them to think too hard might enjoy it but for those wanting anything more are likely to be disappointed.

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