The Special Relationship

Sugar Daddies (2014)

Kara (Taylor Black) is a hard working law student trying to juggle studying with working part time to pay for her education as her family are unable to support her like they would like to due to her father's medical bills. But through a friend Kara is introduced to Grant (Peter Strauss) who has a penchant for attractive college students, happily supporting them financially in return for sex. Kara is not the only student who has found themselves a sugar daddy and whilst she feels uncomfortable with the set up the money and gifts certainly makes up for things. But when Kara's friend Lea (Samantha Robinson) ends up dead things take a turn for the worse for Kara.

"Sugar Daddies" is one of those movies which when described sounds a lot better than it is. The whole prospect of a good girl getting herself involved with a sugar daddy which she keeps a secret from her boyfriend and family is full of potential and has this sort of semi erotic dark side as the relationship between Grant and Kara turns dark as he wants not only kinky sex with but also becomes quite possessive and demanding. Unfortunately how this plays out with Kara's secret life being uncovered by her father leads to danger and murder makes it all pretty routine and not that original.

Sadly what this means that after a first half of it toying with us it ends up not going to the places where it would be exciting despite Grant forcing Kara to take part in a threesome with her friend Lea. It almost feels like whilst we have Peter Strauss cast in a darker role the story is written to try and soften that side of the story and that kind of spoils it. Basically this movie struggles to keep your attention because the first half feels drawn out and the second half feels watered down.

What this all boils down to is that "Sugar Daddies" ends up a movie which for a while has a bit of a novelty but then becomes less and less interesting to the point it turns typical and boring.

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