Snow Globe Apocalypse

Snowmageddon (2011)

When Beth Miller (Laura Harris) hears a knock at the door she asks her kids to answer it, what they discover on their doorstep is a beautifully wrapped box containing a Christmas snow globe of Normal, the town where they live. What none of them realise is that this beautiful snow globe has mysterious powers and when the clockwork mechanism in the base is switched on it causes not only the miniature town inside the globe to suffer a catastrophic natural disaster but the real town of Normal suffers one as well as huge cracks appear in the road, shards of ice rip through it as they fire down from the sky and much more with Beth and her family caught in the middle of it.

With my love for disaster movies, yes even those of the TV kind which I know will be bad; I have to say that "Snowmageddon" surprised me in a few ways, one of which that despite looking I never found the words "The Asylum" amongst the credits. But it also surprised me in fact that whilst utter and frankly intentional hokum "Snowmageddon" is actually a little creative, using the nonsense of this cursed/magical snow globe to wreak havoc on a small community in the form of various disasters ranging from your every day cracks opening up in roads to the sky launching an assault on the community in the form of shards of ice which rip through what ever they hit which have a knock on effect with people ending up trapped and so on.

But whilst "Snowmageddon" almost capitalizes on the free reign which having a mysterious disaster creating device provides the rest of the movie is not so surprising. We have a family which have a bit of personal problems, the father of which is typically the town sheriff, the family get split up mid disaster, they have to battle to survive and become reunited whilst typically trying to save the day as they realise the significance of the snow globe. Quite simply for all the creativity which goes in to the set up the end result is extremely typical, so much so that when someone ends up in a crashed vehicle you know it is only a matter of time before a camera shot of a dripping fuel line appears alongside some miraculously appearing flames.

What this all boils down to is that "Snowmageddon" is many things from being hokum to being a typical made for TV disaster movie yet the creativity and in truth the look make it surprisingly watchable.

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