She Sees Kidnapped Children

Tatyana Ali in Second Sight (2016)

As a little girl Clara Randall (Tatyana Ali) use to have visions and premonitions but after a while they stopped. Now grown up and in a happy relationship she suddenly finds herself woken up in the middle of the night with a vision of a missing child. That first vision is followed by another when she is outside the school where she works and has a vision of a child being kidnapped. Unsurprisingly Clara not only finds herself troubled by the visions but struggling to get anyone to believe her that these are premonitions forcing her to take matters in to her own hands to look for clues as to what is going on. But what she discovers causes her to learn things about those close to her who she trusts and places she went growing up.

So first things first and "Second Sight" is a TV One movie but in truth is comparable to a typical thriller you would find on Lifetime. I say that just so you get an immediate idea of what level this TV movie is at with a female protagonist trying to get to the root of her visions and a recent series of child abductions which appear connected. And there is nothing wrong with that as like a Lifetime movie "Second Sight" has its target audience who will probably enjoy this easy to follow thriller and easy to relate to central character.

And yes I did say easy to follow because whilst "Second Sight" is a movie of twists as Clara discovers things about people close to her it isn't the most subtle in dropping clues. And unfortunately it doesn't just drop clues it then reinforces them with someone mentioning the clue so that if you missed its significance the first time you won't the second. This lack of subtlety is not the movie's only flaw as the dialogue often is less than believable whilst of course realism often falls by the wayside in favour of drama.

But "Second sight" has one major positive and that is Tatyana Ali who delivers a performance superior to the actual movie. Ali brings to life the distress and confusion her character feels by this repeated vision of a young girl being abducted, bundled in to a car whilst she plays in a park. Unfortunately those around her deliver the semi forced performances more typical of the made for TV genre. The worst thing about this is that some of the men in this end up coming across like they are permanently stuck in a Barry White fantasy as they act smooth the whole time rather than like a real guy.

What this all boils down to is that "Second Sight" is worth watching for Tatyana Ali who delivers a good performance and is the best thing about this movie. But beyond Ali's performance this is in many ways a typical made for TV thriller with many a typical flaw.

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