One Ring to Ruin Them All

Rebecca Mader in Ring of Deceit (2009)

Art expert and employee of the museum, Madison Byrne (Rebecca Mader) finds herself being flirted with by millionaire Jack Singer (Cameron Bancroft) who is attending the revealing of their latest acquisition, an antique ring some believe is connected to an ancient tragedy. But Jack is convinced the ring is rightfully his matching one he saw a photo of his great-grandfather wearing back in WWII. Madison finds herself not only becoming close to Jack but also trying to solve who the rightful owner of the ring is. But as Madison starts to unlock the secrets of the ring she not only finds herself in danger but also begins to question Jack's interest in the ring and whether he is who he says he is.

At about 20/25 minutes into "Ring of Deceit" a colleague of Madison's is killed as he types up his findings when it comes to this antique ring. Now if someone had come up with this story back in the early 70s I could have envisioned it been wrangled in to the "Columbo" format with the lieutenant trying to solve the murder and tie it in to a motive surrounding the ring. And that movie would have been entertaining where as "Ring of Deceit" ends up a below par modern made for TV thriller which due to its soft nature frequently ends up coming across as corny and in places unbearable especially when it thinks it is being clever where as in truth is being corny.

Cameron Bancroft in Ring of Deceit (2009)

The thing is that whilst "Ring of Deceit" ends up below par and too cheesy for me it is stereotypical of the modern made for TV thriller with Madison turning amateur detective and ending up in deadly danger whilst also finding herself involved with a handsome man who may not be all that he appears. I wish I could say that there was something more to this but there isn't and sadly the details fail to make it any better, in truth the acting doesn't improve things either thanks to corny dialogue which can only be delivered with stifled laughter.

What this all boils down to is that "Ring of Deceit" is a below par made for TV thriller which at best is only typical but frequently falls below average due to getting cheesy when it thinks it is being clever.

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