Schram it's the Nanny

Jessy Schram in Reluctant Nanny (2015)

Having relocated to Los Angeles for a new job, Libby Prescott (Jessy Schram) is not having a good day as the job didn't even start and she finds herself chasing after a man who stole her bag. It is how she meets police officer, Dan Connor (Aaron Hill) who feels bad for a couple of orphan kids as they ended up in care because he put their father behind bars. It is why he arranges with care worker Louisa Lee (Elisabeth Röhm) to take the children in when they run away from the care home and why on learning that Libby needs a place to stay and a job asks her if she will movie in and be the kid's nanny for a few weeks. As time passes and initial hiccups are gotten over Libby and Dan grow close and close to the children as well. But when Libby gets an offer of her dream job which would mean travelling all the time it forces her to think long and hard about what she really wants.

I am kind of lost for words after watching "Reluctant Nanny" because never have I come across a movie so cliche that it writes itself. Attractive young woman in need of a job takes a temporary nanny position despite no experience, means working with handsome, good hearted cop. You know that not only will these two become close but they will both become close to the children who are scarred by the fear of abandonment. And just when things are working out you need that proverbial bump in the road in the form of a job offer. In truth "Reluctant Nanny" is so obvious that you almost don't need to watch it although the idea of the cop who puts the kid's father behind bars fostering them is certainly different.

Aaron Hill in Reluctant Nanny (2015)

What is very clear right from the word go is that "Reluctant Nanny" is all about being wholesome and easy on the eye. As such you have Jessy Schram who has the wholesome charm and beauty of the good girl next door who puts others before herself. Then you have the tall, handsome, deep voiced and beneath those shirts, clearly muscular Aaron Hill who brings that same sort of wholesome charm to the screen. Put them in a show home beautiful property and toss in Elisabeth Röhm in a supporting role and you have a movie which would struggle not to be easy on the eyes. Now for some the fakeness of how perfect everything looks will make it cheesy but for others, myself included, adds to its wholesome, escapism charm.

What this all boils down to is that "Reluctant Nanny" is incredibly obvious from start to finish and incredibly easy on the eyes at the same time. For some that will make it cheesy but for others it will make it a charming little distraction full of good looking people in nice looking settings.

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