Risky Realtor

Emily Rose in Perfect Plan (2010)

Realtor Lauren Baker (Emily Rose) is struggling as the market has taken a nose dive and her other half is not earning money as a writer. So when a brother and sister come to her wanting her to sell their impressive family home in an exclusive area of Chicago she knows she is on to a winner as she quickly gets a buyer lined up. That is when things take a turn for the surprising when she discovers that the sellers were fakes and the real owners have been discovered murdered. Realizing she has been conned and used to cover up a murder she becomes determined to bring the con artists to rights even if she ends up in danger.

As I watched "Perfect Plan" my thoughts were okay quite a typical made for TV thriller where you can guess Lauren is going to end up in danger from someone, most like the handsome man wanting to sell a mansion. But I thought well at least they haven't resorted to the soft erotica which ends up cheesy and literally seconds later Lauren was getting hot and horny with her other half in bed and at that point the cheese level started to increase.

Lucas Bryant in Perfect Plan (2010)

Now the strange thing is that the minute we got that soft erotic scene the whole movie seemed to become dumb, or at least the characters started to say stupid things and act even more stupidly. And I will admit at this point I started to lose interest as not only was "Perfect Plan" already on the predictable side of things but now it was also getting ridiculous, too ridiculous for even a TV movie. But then it does deliver on the attractive people quota for a movie which ends up siding on the soft erotica side of things.

What this all boils down to is that "Perfect Plan" ended up not for me and was ultimately too cheesy due to it siding on the good looking people doing soft erotica to cover for a predictable storyline.

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