Game of Yawns

Pegasus Vs. Chimera (2012)

Two strangers, a blacksmith and a princess, join forces to avenge the deaths of both of their fathers by the hands of a tyrant Lord who through magic is living longer than he should. But the Lord is willing to kill anyone who opposes him as he seeks to unite several areas and summons a Chimera from Hades to his killing. To combat this beast the blacksmith and the princess call upon the services of a Pegasus to help them defeat the Chimera.

Rarely have I come across a movie so bad in its opening couple of minutes that I wished it was already over, but that is the case with "Pegasus Vs. Chimera". In those couple of minutes we get treated to bad special effects, bad acting, an arrow fired from one side but sticking out of a beast from the other and the sort of sword fight where rather than being action it is a test of strength as two men stand sword to sword. Yet the truth is that whilst the quickness of disappointment surprised me the fact that "Pegasus Vs. Chimera" was bad wasn't as even before putting it on it had all the marks of a bad TV movie from being another creature Vs. creature movie to the whole fantasy sword & sandal side of the movie.

Now truth be told there is little in "Pegasus Vs. Chimera" which entertained me, yes there are some appealing actors and the camera work is not the worst I have seen but that is as far as my compliments can extend.

What this all boils down to is that whilst I have watched movies which are technically a lot worse than "Pegasus Vs. Chimera" it is still one which not only has some bad elements but simply fails to entertain.

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