Obsession (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Charisma Carpenter in Obsession (2011) (aka: A Trusted Man)

Obsession? More Like Obvious

It's been 3 years since Sonia Paston (Charisma Carpenter) was attacked in her home and despite suffering from the occasional nightmare is hitting her stride; she has been with policeman Tom (Dylan Neal) for the past year and her job is going well. In fact her job is going too well as she is offered a great promotion except it means leaving New York for Boston which even her therapist thinks she should take. Tom disagrees and he is angry that Sonia has made up her mind without even discussing it with him. But whilst Sonia thought she was safe having a cop in her life she begins to discover otherwise when she moves to Boston as it soon appears someone is stalking her and targeting anyone who is close to her.

I don't think I was even 10 minutes in before all the pieces of "Obsession" were in place and the rest of this TV movie was just a stroll through the ridiculously obvious. I am sorry for all those who were impressed by this but after witnessing Tom's angry reaction to not only Sonia's decision to leave but also when he realises that she has been in his home and removed her stuff the rest of "Obsession" is obvious or at least obvious when we become aware that someone is stalking Sonia and targeting those in her life.

Now that wouldn't be so bad if "Obsession" played out with even a modicum of atmosphere but there is nothing and it works through the cliches which other similar movies have done which of course means Sonia meets a new man, being cautious as to whether she can trust him and so on. The upshot of this is that "Obsession" relies heavily on firstly Charisma Carpenter being pleasant and secondly on Dylan Neal being angry which they both do but only in a way you will have seen in other made for TV movies which makes their characters forgettable, suffering from a severe lack of depth. As such whilst "Obsession" doesn't hide the fact that Dylan Neal's Tom is the stalking psycho his campaign of terror rarely feels that terrifying.

What this all boils down to is that "Obsession" is a by the book stalker movie with a lack of depth and a reliance on actor appeal to make it work. Unless you have never watched an obsessed stalker movie before this one will not break any new ground as it sticks to the formula.