Paranormal Lava Activity

Chris William Martin in Nature Unleashed: Volcano (2005)

Whilst shooting footage of an active volcano Russell (Chris William Martin) lost the woman he loved when they got to close to the lava. To honour his late wife he heads to Italy where he meets a young girl who says she can communicate with the dead and his late wife is warning him that the volcano is going to erupt. Unfortunately for Russell no one believes him or the girl with some thinking she is possessed.

Take "Dante's Peak" and give it a supernatural element and what you have is "Nature Unleashed: Volcano" a movie which for me bordered on being enjoyably bad. The thing is that whilst you have this supernatural element of a young Italian girl communing with Russell's dead wife who forewarns of a volcanic disaster, it is just another movie where you have the guy trying to save the town when a volcano starts spurting it's fiery juices.

On top of this it honestly feels like those behind the movie have never actually been to Italy and instead have tried to deliver the classic version of the country and people with Bulgaria taking its place. That means we have old women walking goats in the mountains, young men with incredibly bad accents and cheesy lothario tendencies and much more. It is so bad in places that it almost becomes entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Nature Unleashed: Volcano" is a poor volcano movie and most of the times it is entertaining it is because it is bad.

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