My Christmas Dream (2016)

My Christmas Dream (2016)

A Hallmark Christmas Display

Danica McKellar in My Christmas Dream (2016)

Christina (Danica McKellar) is the manager of McDougal's flagship department store but she is ambitious and has her sights set on getting the manager's job at the new McDougal's opening in Paris having wanted to go back there having spent a year there studying. To do this she plans to prove to store owner Victoria (Deidre Hall) that she is the right person by delivering the best Christmas holiday display in the history of McDougal's. Struggling for inspiration despite promising Victoria that she will deliver she turns to Kurt (David Haydn-Jones), a single father, who has just been sacked following a mishap but has a great artistic eye.

So we have the career focused woman looking to take her career to the next level, she ends up asking the help of a nice single father and you can bet your bottom dollar that she will end up falling for the guy and then facing a decision when with his help she gets the offer of the promotion she has been after. Yes "My Christmas Dream" is that familiar, or do I mean obvious, and it isn't by any means a criticism as for those who don't know "My Christmas Dream" is a Hallmark Christmas movie which tend to thrive on Christmas decorations and the likeable nature of the cast.

David Haydn-Jones in My Christmas Dream (2016)

So on the Christmas decoration front "My Christmas Dream" scores as we have a movie set in a department store at Christmas, one which seems to anticipate Christmas all year around so that it can put out the Christmas trees on every counter and in every corner. But we also get snow covered streets and that general wintry vibe which just heightens the appeal when it comes to Christmas movies.

And then we also get the likeable nature of the cast with both Danica McKellar and David Haydn-Jones delivering the easy going nature and pleasantness of their characters. Okay so these are pretty standard characters they are playing and they don't stick in your mind but they do deliver the warmth this sort of movie needs. But we also get Bruce Dawson who shall we say oozes silver fox charm and he adds something quite special to the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "My Christmas Dream" is a lovely but also entirely typical Hallmark Christmas movie which will entertain fans but probably won't stick in their minds as well as some of their other Christmas movies do.

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