Oh Mum!

Mother of All Lies (2015) Francesca Eastwood, Jennifer Copping

Teenager Sara Caskie (Francesca Eastwood) is giving her parents a hard time with her attitude and rebellious nature, well in fact make that her adoptive parents who have kept from her the fact that her real mum Abby (Jennifer Copping) is in prison for a robbery which went bad. Against their wishes Sara decides to visit Abby and even writes to the parole board, becoming instrumental in helping her mum get early parole. When Abby is released Sara decides to pay her a visit in the isolated cabin where she is living with a boyfriend. But things get messy with the unsavoury element her boyfriend is involved with, then the boyfriend ends up dead, Sara and Abby end up on the run as the police start looking for his murderer and Sara's adoptive parents are looking for her.

Let me get straight to the point and tell you that the best thing about "Mother of All Lies" is Francesca Eastwood, for those who don't know she is the daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher. Having watched a fair few Lifetime movies which feature a rebellious teen who in reality has a good heart Francesca Eastwood has been the most convincing and when she acts snarky towards her adoptive parents you can believe her as a teen with attitude who feels controlled by them.

The sad thing is that beyond Francesca Eastwood's performance and to some extent Jennifer Copping's as her biological mother the rest of "Mother of All Lies" is to be truthful rather forgettable as the rebellious Sara tracks down her recently released mother and finds herself having to deal with her messy, criminal life of lies, guns, threats and much more, including the police snooping around. It just never really draws you in to the unfolding drama or gets you excited by moments of danger and tension which in turn makes it not only forgettable but one of those movies which when it appears in the TV listings again you won't be entirely sure if you have seen it before or not.

What this all boils down to is that "Mother of All Lies" is not a bad Lifetime movie, in truth it has some plus points such as the performance of Francesca Eastwood, but it is a forgettable one due to it having nothing truly interesting going on.

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