Unlocking Love

Life is the art of drawing with out an eraser - Jack

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn in Love Locks (2017)

When Lindsay Phillips (Rebecca Romijn) was a student studying art in Paris she met and fell in love with Jack Burros (Jerry O'Connell). But things didn't work out which when they dropped their love lock in the river by accident might have been an omen. Now twenty years later and a divorced Lindsay is taking her daughter to Paris to show her the sights, including the bridge where everyone places their locks on it. But much to Lindsay's surprise her return to Paris leads to an adventure of romantic rediscovery as the hotel they are staying in is managed by Jack.

"Love Locks" is one of those Hallmark movies which more than ever doesn't really need a review, but as a Hallmark movie loving movie reviewer I will. Of course it is obvious where "Love Locks" is leading from the minute it becomes clear that Lindsay and Jack's young romance didn't work the first time. Of course one of them has some issues over why their romance failed whilst truth be told they still feel the pangs of love again when they meet up years later. But of course the road to rekindled romance is not a simple one with various road bumps along the way from current relationships to old emotions and jobs.

The thing is that "Love Locks" despite being familiar works because it has that wonderful Hallmark tone which delivers everything that fans of Hallmark movies watch for. As such we have plenty of beauty from the old streets to pretty much every scene involving Rebecca Romijn. But then we also have the nervous humour of Jack still being in love with Lindsay and so on. And on top of that you have the all out amusement of Bruce Davison as a French artist who is a bit romantically mischievous.

What this all boils down to is that "Love Locks" is a typical Hallmark romantic comedy, the sort which is predictable before it even starts. But that means it delivers the sort of light-hearted fun which fans of Hallmark movies enjoy.

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