Her Perfect Psycho

Tracy Nelson and Michael Riley in Her Perfect Spouse (2004)

It wasn't long after meeting widowed author Ty Kellington (Michael Riley) that journalist, Lisa (Tracy Nelson) not only falls for him but they end up getting married. But it is after their marriage that Lisa begins to see that Ty doesn't like going out, is jealous when Lisa talks about male work colleagues and starts to show a possessive and suspicious side. With Ty's behaviour getting worse even when she becomes pregnant, Lisa finds herself a prisoner in their home when she injures her ankle during an argument with Ty.

I wonder what it was like to watch the first time they did the obsessed, possessive husband storyline in a made for TV movie. Unfortunately I can't even remember the first made for TV movie I watched which ran with the idea because quite simply I have watched a whole lot of them and after a while they sadly become a blur, merging together. And sadly "Her Perfect Spouse", which is also known as "The Perfect Husband", fails to do anything to separate itself from the bunch.

What that means is that "Her Perfect Spouse" is all about watching Michael Riley as Ty Kellington losing it when it comes to Lisa from controlling his rage when a male colleague she works with takes up to much of his time to the news of a baby spoiling the peace of their home. As such it comes down to how psycho is Ty going to get not only when it comes to removing those who would take up Lisa's time but also when it comes to controlling Lisa. And unfortunately whilst Michael Riley gives Ty some nervous energy and a simmering rage as well as a deranged side he just isn't overly memorable, neither are any of the characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Perfect Spouse" ends up a perfectly usual made for TV movie featuring a controlling husband with an obsessive side. In fairness it isn't bad but it is forgettably ordinary.

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