Gerry (2002)

Gerry (2002)





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In the Desert No One Can Hear You Yawn

Gerry (2002)

Gerry (Casey Affleck) and Gerry (Matt Damon) head in to the desert on a mission to see something. But when what they don't find what they went looking for they decide to head back to their car. Trouble is that they have gotten themselves lost and with no compass or water are going to have to hope they find their way back to the road.

There is no middle ground when it comes to "Gerry" you are either going to be blown away by this movie or totally bored by it. If you are blown away you will probably enjoy the minimilistic nature of this movie of vast open spaces, two characters and unscripted dialogue. You will probably also enjoy the slow pacing which might heighten the desperate situation of these two friends and make you consider the horrifying nature of their predicament that if one left the other would feel a sense of abandonment. Even if the minimalist of the story doesn't capture you the imagery probably will with this often feeling like a travelogue of the desert.

But whilst I can see what some people might see in "Gerry" I found it an incredibly tedious experience. From long spells of silence to the idiotic idea of going with no supplies the movie doesn't actually feel real. Yes the cinematography is good and it is always impressive when you have sun either rising or falling on rocks in a desert but the rest of this movie feels like it had no real plan.

What this all boils down to is that to appreciate "Gerry" you probably need to be a film student rather than just a movie fan because as a movie fan I found it an utterly tedious experience even if it is a beautifully filmed one.

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