Warms My Heart

Frozen (2013)

When Elsa born she was born with the gift of being able to freeze things, something she use to have fun with until an accident almost caused her sister Anna to die. Fortunately the trolls saved her but they wiped Anna's mind from knowing of her sister's gift whilst Elsa kept herself hidden away from her sister as she struggled to control her powers. But after her parents the King & Queen die Elsa is to be made monarch causing a chain of events which leaves the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter and Elsa fleeing up to the mountains where her powers won't hurt anyone. But things keep spiralling out of control and both Anna and Arendelle ending up in grave danger.

I was asked once why am I so tough when reviewing modern animations and the reason I gave was that did very little for me. But once in a while an animation comes along which just gets it, which just delivers not only amusement for a young audience but the grandeur, the amusement and the story telling which for me makes a great animation stand out from the crowd. And that is certainly the case with "Frozen" which mixes modern with touches from the Walt Disney era to deliver something which to be honest has been missing from cinema for a long time.

In a way "Frozen" has the whole package from a princess storyline to a handsome hero, twists on cliches, amusing characters, old jokes as well as new, a sense of grandeur as well as a musical element which rather than being annoying actually makes you want to listen to the songs again. In fact the writers of the various songs deserve a whole lot of praise as the lyrics through out of "Frozen" switch between amusing and catchy to actually thoughtful. And the work of the animation team to bring those musical numbers to life is actually quite magnificent as is pretty much all of the animation work.

What this all boils down to is that, and I could waffle on but there is no point, "Frozen" is not only an animation which I think you should just watch but it is one of only maybe a hand full which I reckon Walt Disney himself would have been proud of as it has a touch of that classic Disney about it whilst embracing the new.

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