From the Dark (2014)

From the Dark (2014)





90 mins






Dark, Dark and More Dark

Niamh Algar and Stephen Cromwell in From the Dark (2014)

After they get their car stuck in a country lane Sarah (Niamh Algar) and Mark (Stephen Cromwell) walk to a nearby farmhouse which Mark spotted when he went looking for help shortly after getting the car stuck. But something strange is going on and as night falls they find themselves in an unusual place with a battle on their hands to survive from some sort of creature.

"From the Dark" is a movie for the film students, for those who are as interested in the director's choices as they are anything else. As such this horror movie has this observational quality with the camera work feeling organic whilst you get a sense that the main actors, Algar and Cromwell, were told to feel out their scenes rather than sticking tight to a script. As such we have a movie with long periods of silence only broken up by the fearful, rapid breathing of Mark as they find themselves attacked. And I am sure for that film student crowd there is a lot which impresses when it comes to the direction despite the storyline ending up flawed in many a place.

But what about those who watch "From the Dark" to be entertained and scared. Well firstly director Conor McMahon goes for atmosphere and technically he delivers it with the focus purely on Sarah and Mark as they struggle in the night from the creature attacking them. But for me I needed more, maybe something more commercial, maybe some other characters or less use of the dark but at times the relentlessness which comes from just having two characters makes "From the Dark" hard work.

What this all boils down to is that "From the Dark" was not for me and found the minimal nature of just having two characters too arduous and relentless for my liking. But I am sure those who have a greater interest in directional choices and styling will find it a more interesting experience.

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